Bridal parties / bachelor girl nights


She' ll probably never forget that:

A bridal party on the pole, at the ChairDance or NOW NEW! in the Aerial Hoop (air ring).

R.SH Interview (in german) with Miriam Dankert on the topic "bachelor girl nights":

You are among yourselves and enjoy a workshop specially prepared for the bride and you.

We will teach you the first basics of pole dancing or aerial hoop and you will be able to enjoy the evening with a glass of champagne.

Does the prospective bride perhaps have a favourite song or do you have a special party motto? No problem, our team of coaches will be happy to implement your wishes together for you!

Alternatively we also offer you:

ChairDance-Choreos (Sexy dance elements result in a choreography and are danced partly on the chair; like in High Heels).

Aerial Hoop (air ring) is a ring attached to the ceiling with safety suspensions. In total we have 7 rings; 2 persons per ring.

Also here we will arrange a great evening with you, because our trained and experienced team can realize such special wishes also professionally.

To arrange a date and for price inquiries, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..